A Klaroline Drabble: So Kiss Me


It had been a few weeks since Klaus cured Caroline and was let out of the Gilbert house’s confines. At first the rage had been there, with such an overwhelming urge to get rid of Tyler Lockwood and his friends for turning against him once again, but after spending the night with Caroline, curing her from the pain that he himself had inflicted and then stroking her hair as she drank enough of his blood to slowly lull her into a deep sleep, things had changed for him. He realized that night that his weakness had returned despite his fervent efforts to stay indifferent. He had let lo- unnecessary emotions back into his life, and it would have been rash for him to act in such a state.

He decided after spending a day mulling over his newly-found perspective that wasting his time enacting revenge over petty little baby vampires was pointless, and he would much rather spend his time elsewhere than spend another day in the circle of drama that seemed to surround the small town of Mystic Falls. The only thing holding him back was a certain blonde vampire who, despite his efforts, was more poignant in his thoughts than ever before.

She said that he had humanity inside of him, that he was hurt and that he cared, and that she wanted to forget the things he’d done because maybe she did too. So now the only thing left to take care of was seeing her, and getting his last fill for what may be centuries before he ever saw her again. With that thought he finally got up and headed for her house. 

"Are you sure you’ll be okay? It’s been a rough couple of weeks, I can probably postpone the whole thing if you-"

"Mom, it’s fine.” Caroline reassuringly draped her arm over her mom’s shoulder as she guided her to the door. “It’s been rough, sure, but I can take care of myself. It’s not like Silas will be knocking on my door, Bonnie took care of that so he’s confined to the island for now, so don’t worry.” They got to the door and Caroline handed Liz her duffle bag for the weekend. “We can’t live in fear. You can go to a conference without having to chain me away.” Liz chuckled and gave Caroline a tight hug. 

"Alrighty, well then I’ll see you Monday." Liz turned to leave and waved back as she reached the car. Caroline closed the door behind her and started to walk back to her room for a much needed nine hours when the doorbell rang. 

"I knew you would forget someth-" Caroline opened the door to see Klaus standing in front of her. "…Klaus." She almost whispered his name, the surprise starting to settle with her. 

It had been weeks since she saw him. The morning after he saved her, she woke up to find him in the same position, with his hand resting gently on her hair and his other arm wrapped protectively around her. He had fallen asleep, but she assumed that his dreams were not pleasant since she could see a painful look in the furrowing of his brows and the slight frown that dragged on his lips. 

She had taken a moment to admire what she thought was a sort of beautifully tragic moment with him before she realized that she was snuggling with the enemy and then rose up. He had woken up, but he didn’t say anything as she left, he only bowed his head and looked down as she walked away from him. 

She didn’t know what had triggered the dreams or the deep emotions that she had started to feel for him after that night. She had vague remembrances of the feeling of his arms wrapped around her and what felt like the ghost of a sweet kiss on the top of her head. If she laid in bed she could pretend to feel that he was still there, but the guilt that came with that made all of her feelings feel wrong and contradictory. 

Well now he was standing in front of her, his car parked where her mother’s had just left from, and he looked the same way he did when she woke up that morning, with pain and sadness…loneliness in his eyes. 

"What are you doing here?" She asked, crossing her arms and trying to feign confidence as she swallowed the feeling of wanting to comfort him. Ever since he bit her, the connection between them had grown tremendously, but she couldn’t let that show. Not after everything that he’d done…

"May I come in?"

"Why?" She snapped, causing him to chuckle lightly. 

"You do realize I don’t have to ask, don’t you?" Caroline laughed out loud, looking at him then as if he were a shallow child. Oh wait…

"Of course. Taking what you want without a second thought about anyone else, how typical of you. If you want to come in so badly, then come in, I don’t even care anymore, you’re going to do it anyway aren’t you? Yes. You are, because-"

"Caroline!" He yelled then, getting her attention and holding himself back from just running in and doing exactly what she told him he would, taking what he wanted regardless of what she said. He couldn’t do that though, not with her. Not anymore. 

Caroline went quiet, caught off guard for a moment. “Just tell me I can come in. Please.” There it was again, that feeling in his eyes that somehow transferred to her, made her want to ask him questions, know why and how he became as hurt as he was. She felt it too when she looked at him, and she understood that the most, the feeling of being lonely and rejected and miserable. 

With a sigh, she waited a moment before responding. “Alright, come on in-” She didn’t get three seconds before he had come in and pushed her firmly against the opposite wall, pouring everything he felt and had held back from for a thousand years of hurt into her lips. It was like he needed her to understand him, and somehow if he kissed her passionately enough and held her tightly enough, his feelings would somehow merge with her, and she would finally get it. 

Caroline almost pushed him away at first, but his hands were on her waist and his lips were so soft and the feeling of being pressed up against him, like he was holding her and protecting her again while at the same time trying to prove something to her, it felt good, and she wanted more of it. 

She let her want take over and her hands were on him, around his neck as she let his tongue into her mouth and matched him kiss for kiss. With her letting him in, hr only yearned more for her, and his hands were traveling all over her body and her legs were wrapping themselves closely around him to pull him closer and closer to her. 

She tugged at his shirt and he almost stopped her there, but she silenced his words with another kiss. When she got to his belt though, he grabbed her hands and let out a frustrated growl as he pinned them against the wall she was pressed into. He rested his forehead against hers and closed his eyes tight to regain his control. 

"You were right." He murmured. Caroline’s breath was heavy and her mind was going wild, so much so that she almost didn’t hear him. 

"What? About what?" She asked him back quickly. He looked up at her and let out a breath that he had unintentionally been holding. 

"I do…have- feelings for you.” He looked back up at her and saw the understanding in her eyes immediately. 

"I know." She simply said back to him, letting the tenseness of her body relax so that she was held comfortably between him and the wall. He looked at her and she could swear she started to see tears ni his eyes, but it was too dim and he looked away before she could be sure. 

"I’m leaving. I came here to say goodbye because I know that being around you will only make things worse, and I refuse to spend another day in this town tortured by you and your friends." 

"I don’t torture you anymore, I’ve left you alone-" Caroline started to argue with him, but he cut her off before she could get too heated.

Caroline…” Klaus brought her hands down by now, and his thumb moved on her soft skin as he spoke. “I think we both know that you most certainly do.” 

She understood what he meant now, and let out a sigh of her own. What could she do? She had thought that she hated him on and off for almost a year now, and all of a sudden he’s leaving and part of her wishes she could go with him, while another told her to get his coat and wish him off with a smile. 

"Well, this probably wasn’t a good idea then, with everything that’s going on, we just don’t make sense together." He chuckled again and looked back up at her with a smirk. 

"Sweetheart, some of the most perplexing things in life are the most breathtaking." He let her legs fall slowly from around his waist as he gave her one last sweet kiss. This time it was not only genuine but gentle, with apologies and promise. "I wish you would have let me show you the truth of that." He started to walk away toward the door but stopped to look back at the door. "Goodbye Caroline." 

She swallowed and nodded at him as he walked away from her, and suddenly it all made sense. She was tired of denying every good part of him for her just because of the bad. She constantly told him how she understood him but had never truly accepted the fact, and now after weeks of building emotions and dreams and wants, her first real encounter with him after they both admitted to having feelings would likely be their last. 

She knew that her friends hated him and that she thought she hated him, but for the first time she looked past his wrongdoings and into why he was the way he was, realizing the eternity of hurt that he had felt, and finally letting it influence her into doing what she wanted, not what she should. 

The panic set in that this could very well be her last chance, her last chance to prove not only to her friends but to herself as well, that everyone deserved to be forgiven, and given second chances, and not automatically dismissed because of what they may have done in the past. This was her chance to take the risk and adventure that she knew was set deep inside of her somewhere, and she’d be damned if she was going to let her fear of the unknown keep her from living the life she wanted to live. 

"Klaus, wait!" 

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